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That is how most ancestors want to go in this business, and rightly so.

But you have to have a classification or course to get there. That is what this education is about--a quick way to get off to a fast start and make a little happen.

There are 4 key mechanism to a good F. A. S. T. Start Training, and they are:

1) First effects first.

You must be skilled on the first parts of the learning course in this business, and those are the chief points on:

A) The Business facts and facts on the chronicle and management
B) The Food and the reimbursement of each effect plus piece points
C) The Compensation Plan and how it works and how you make money
D) Your Upline and who they are
E) Mounting your consequence story and your affair hit story
F) The Rules and regulations and how it is done
G) The Tools that you will use to build your business

2) Battle steps you will take.

What will you do once you have gone because of the "First clothes first" part?

A) You will learn how to do your Remembrance Jogger
B) You will learn how to attempt and commerce them
C) You will learn how to Deactivate Objections
D) You will learn how to do a Presentation
E) You will learn how to Admire up and ask for the decision
F) You will learn how to retail the products

3) Start the deal with Step By Step.

Once you have been taught on the basics of the Act steps, you start the authentic course of Exchange ideas Marketing:

A) Expectation for the original contacts
B) Call them
C) Carry the Communication
D) Abide by up with arranged plan
E) Ask for the Decision

-Prospect for the opening contacts.

This is where you desire who on your Remembrance Runner will be contacted.

-Contact them.

This is where both you or you and your upline call the names.

-Deliver the message.

This is where you both set up an appointment to go see them, get them on a alliance call, or get them to try the product, or at all else you set as the message.

-Follow up with decided plan.

This is where you cleanly admire up and keep in touch with the prospect.

-Ask for the Decision.

This is where you get a choice of what they are arrangement on doing as far as product, business, or referrals.

This 5 step by step coordination is a VERY Basic and easy path to abide by for the new distributor. It gives them 2 things

1) First Instruction on the basic in order on WHAT
2) A Step By Step on HOW

These joint with a brawny dose of MOTIVATION and LEADERSHIP will make for a HOT FAST Start guidance for you and your folks.

4) Then see what Path you will go with them.

Where do you go from here? Effect sale? Recruiting? More Info? Referrals? Bring to a meeting? Choose what needs to be done.

Then Do it.

A FAST Start education needs to be 3 things:

1) Easy to train on

Don't confuse it?make it easy and fun, and make it easy to learn.

2) Easy to Learn

Yes, easy to learn, as if it is not, then you will only end up de-motivating and bewildering many of your prospects.

3) Easy to Duplicate

THIS IS A MUST! If you do it right, and make it easy to duplicate, you will find that the instruction will befall more and more skilled as well as engaged in your group, and by your burgeoning Leaders as well.

Get your folks off to a FAST Start with this F. A. S. T. Start training. It will conceive some excitement and also lots of activity.

PassionFire also has a Blazing FAST Start Instruction Manual- A HOT Start- The First 14 Days! Check it out at our online store for Sensation in MLM and Arrangement Marketing.

Blessings. . . Doug Firebaugh

(c) 2005 all civil rights reserved

PassionFire International

http://www. passionfire. com

Doug Firebaugh is one of the top MLM Arrangement Marketing Trainers in the world. Over a million ancestors a month read his education ezine. He spent the last 7 years nomadic the world dialogue and instruction on Success. He lives in Birmingham Michigan, and you can be given a FREE subscription to his education ezine -The MLM Success HEAT- at: http://www. passionfire. com/pf_heat_4. html and http://www. passionfire. com


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