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It's 9:36 am when your eyes abruptly pop open. You sit up in bed with a smile on your face and thank God for all the many blessings he has given you and your family. After a yawn and a good stretch, you give your sleeping beauty (Wife) a kiss on the cheek then head to the kitchen. In no hurry, entirely comfortable and relaxed as you don't have the stress that 90% of America has called "A JOB". On the way to the kitchen, you find your hardly ones peeking about the area in crack to give Daddy a good break of day "BOO". You choose to play along and act especially bowled over when they jump out even even if this is the everyday routine. At this point, you see your wife under your own steam down the hall with a smile on her face and greet her good cock-crow with an added kiss. You have breakfast with your category then head to the company (first door to the left). You check a few emails make a few calls then call it quits for the day.

After this hard days work ( ha ha) you conclude to take your children on a amazement trip to Sea World. They are excited when they hear the news and begin packing for the trip. On the way out you choose to check the mail and find a nice check made out to you for $18,578. 63. You hand the check over to you wife; she looks at it and says "not bad for a weeks work". You both giggle and head to your destination.

Now that's what I call living! Delight take this dream and get bigger on it, don't let the ups and downs of life come loud down on your dream and kill it forever. You deserve to live it so LIVE IT.

Marc Romero has been caught up with Association Marketing for over 10 years. Along the way the only thing that has kept him going when clothes got rough is the burning appeal to live a life akin to the one above. For free in a row on how to make your dreams come true: Home Business


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