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The big dream paradox - network-marketing


I want to share my experiences so optimistically it will help to inspire you as well as others (me included).

To be truthful, I especially think we all fail at first and the funny thing is the better your dreams are and the more you want the further than you'll fall. It makes complete sense if you think about it. If you want to make millions of dollars by next year your going to be much more agreeable to spend thousands of dollars now to make that come to pass than if you only sought to make a couple thousand extra dollars by next year.


Because if you say to physically with blunt determination that you want millions by next year then your more possible going to do doesn't matter what it takes to achieve taht goal. If it means expenditure thousand for a course that promises to make you rich your enthusiastic to do it as your stakes are so high.

Conversely, if your only want to make a fasten extra thousand dollars a year your going to much more conservative as to how you spend your money for profit.

This doesn't just apply to how much your agreeable to spend in one shot deals, but this also applies to how many times you'll eager to put physically on the line to achieve your goals.

If you don't want that much and the course of action your going through to get it starts to be a hassle you'll give up. That simple. But if you have a do or die approach about assembly a whole lot of money you won't give up so easy and you'll put by hand on the line many more times and at a much greater risk.

So just a short percursor to my thoughts. . .

So here's my short story. I'm a young guy, I'm 24, and ever since I in progress running full time I've had the feeling that the conventional functioning world wasn't for me. I've dreamed of much more for myself. I have a good job that I like, but for some argue I have never certainly been able to get comfortable with it if you know what I mean.

So, I in progress to think. . . "how can I get out off all this". The wheels crooked in my mind and the first thing that came to me was real estate. "Lot's of associates get rich buying and advertising house" I thought. So I decided I'd give it a try. To save you the data I now own an apartment edifice and a 4 bedroom house, and both are major headaches in my life. In fact, I had to go to eviction court today to cut off a dog-tired tennant.

But real estate is a means to my end of monetary freedom and receiving out of the 9 to 5. (in fact if I ever get my act together I ought to try to put an ebook as one about my real estate experiences)

At some point while I cutback cash to buy my first piece of real estate I got hit by the associate marketing bug.

I went to a alliance and erudite that anybody could make a few buck by in receipt of a big cheese to buy by means of a link online and fgurther some ancestors doing this were creation millions and I was sold. I spent much on education all I could about marketing online. I think my first eBook was Google Cash!

Next I was hit by the arrangement marketing bug. I sought after that "leveraged income" taht each one talks about so I spent about six months cold business ancestors and having them say no to me over and over again while costs $500 a month on belief to get leads and building no money.

After six monthst of time I, like and any sane human, got sick of examination no and having associates hang up the phone in my face.

I cultured mission colonize for arrangement marketing didn't work for me. But, I certain that I still sought to make network marketing work but I had to find a way to do it where I didn't have to get hung up on all the time.

Poof! I came acrosss Site Build It, distinctively the network marketing sales page, it seemed to be the exact answer that I was looking for. So, I at the appointed time bought a Site Build It web site and began a site I call "Perfect Home Based Business Opportunities" although the battle issue.

In six months I wrote over 400 keyword all ears pages and 85 articles and in progress more connecting campaigns than I can count. I now have a site that get about 100 visitors a day.

I got disheartened by it for about a month, but then I certain that's what a common being would do, and auxiliary that's why common people go to work every day and do jobs that they hate. I absolute I couldn't live this sort of life of silent failures, so . . .

I found a inspiration for my site and I'm off again. My site was built with arrangement marketing in mind, but I had not found a program that I especially and truly hunted to promote, so I felt lost. Until, I was in a forum, just like this one here and I found what I care about , after a great deal of study to be a extra special arrangement marketing program to backend my site - pleas don't take this as any sort of advertisement, but moderately a view into the human psychi. and I made a few $20 commisions surrounded by my first day!

Ahh . . . Sweet success.

I was ready to give up on my site and move on, but then that small adjustment happened and now I'm up and rolling again. Reinvigorated and ready to capture the world with the same vision that I had on track out online with.

During this intact torment I've collective a debt of over $500,000 so far (most of it is in finance loans, but a good $20,000 has gone into difficult to start a profitable online business). Please bring to mind I'm only 24 so I don't make that much cash to begin with.

My only point is I won't give up and neither be supposed to you. Dream big and you will most possible fail big at first, but if you never loose sight of you dream you cannot fail in the long run.

That's my story for today. Let me know what you think. . .

I hope this was a caring inspiration to you who are still stuggling.


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