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The tortoise and the hare - network-marketing


Once upon a time in Marketing Square, there lived a tortoise and a hare. . . .

The tortoise was slow and dependable and adamant and all those other equipment that are very laudable in a turtle. He bought a PC, an internet bond and attached a appointment program. Soon he realized that lacking marketing his program, he would not make any money. So. . the tortoise went to a explore engine and typed in the key-word 'marketing'. All he saw on the page were links and more links contribution marketing campaigns of all types and price ranges. He chose one of them. He purchased 50,000 hits to his website from a very high level transfer exchange. Then he sat back and waited good-naturedly while the prospects flocked to his webpage. He got out his pad and pencil and began to add up the appointment he would make from all these visitors if they coupled his program. He smiled at the results. . .

Each day, he check his appointment stats, and each day he wondered why no one had signed up. . after all the page had been shown to almost 45,000 people. . . and his credits were in a row low. Conceivably he must buy some more. This time he bought 100,000. He smiled to himself at his cleverness.

Day after day, the turtle visited his website, checkered his downline and was disappointed by the stats. Then one day he looked and wow! he saw a component in his downline. He was very excited. He harried over to the passage argument and bought 200,000 visitors this time. . . 'after all', he thought, 'this is actually working'. . . . .

Meanwhile in the other bend of Marketing Square, the hare was functioning on his promotion battle as well. Disparate the tortoise, he wasn't constant at all. . . he was impatient, excited, and in a hurry to get word of his agenda out to the masses. He began hopping about like a. . . well, like a rabbit. . . . .

He hopped from the transfer exchange, over to the safelists, then on to the exploration engines; he even hopped about redistribution his ad on all the "Classifieds" pages. He sent it out to some newsletters and ezines. . . he called up all his acquaintances and told them about his great program. . . . his ad was splattered everywhere. . . he even plastered his banners all over his friend's website. . .

Then one day, he remembered to check his downline. He was shocked when he logged in, for the page was full of names and email addresses of his new members. Immediately, the hare went back to his inbox and collected an email to his colossal downline. The email area of interest read. . . "How To Promote This Program. . . "

After he educated his downline to marketplace the program, the hare moved to a swank retirement village where he lounges about all day including his money.

The tortoise got three more members and bought more credits from the passage exchange.

Moral of the story? Interchange exchanges are great, but they aren't everything. The internet offers many great and another types of advertising. Learn to do it all and do it well. . . . then share your awareness with your downline.

WordCrafterSmart. This critique may be reprinted if done in total with the find box and links kept intact.


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