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Are you fooling manually into believing that you in reality are operational this business?

Many distributors custom what I call "Pretend Power". That is where you are in point of fact "empowered" by pretending you are doing this business.

You pretend you are working.

You pretend you are assembly phone calls.

You pretend you are going to appointments.

You pretend you are doing presentations.

You pretend you are recruiting.

You pretend. . . pretend. . . and then pretend some more. . .

HEY! Been there and done that! I all but pretended for my part right out of MLM! I know what that is like and the frustration that comes with it!

You accept as true you are effective it. You have faith in you are going to be successful.

You accept as true also in fairy tales. . .

It's called MLM delusion.

WAKE UP!!!!!!!

You cannot pretend your way into achievement in MLM.

You MUST make the phone calls.

You MUST talk to people.

You MUST do the presentations.

You MUST engage the basics of this affair to have any type of basic Achievement in MLM.

If you are not discussion to at least 2 new ancestors daily, next up on at least 2 colonize daily, and not collecting at least 2 new leads a day and creation 2 sales a week. . . .

You are pretending to be in this complex marketing business.

And I will even go as far as to say that if you are not recruiting at least one character every other month, you are pretending to work your Arrangement Marketing business.

And then, all that will churn out is a "Pretend Paycheck".

You can pretend it's there, and pretend to spend it, and pretend to pay your bills with it. THAT will go over with your creditors. . . (smile). . .

If you think about it. . . .

The last word in Pretend is END.

If you want to bring your Arrangement Marketing commerce to a quick end. . . .

Stay in Pretendsville, located in the great state of Wishful Thinking.



Doug Firebaugh
PassionFire Intl
http://www. passionfire. com
doug@powerfire. com

(c) 2005/all civil rights reserved

Doug Firebaugh is one of the top MLM Aim MArketing trainers/Speakers/Authors in the world. Over a million citizens a month read his ezine. He lives in Birmingham Michigan, and travels the world with his company, PassionFire Intl. He was full time in MLM for 13 years, and has been education full time for 7 years.

You can be given a FREE exercise ezine at http://www. passionfire. com and also accept FREE Daily Audio trainings on MLM called "WisdomFire" on the PassionFire site.


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