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10 killer ways to promote your new mlm code - network-marketing


Terrible isn't it?

You just fixed this brilliant new MLM and you're childhood to go! Then you think. . . go where and how?? Here are 10 ways to promote your MLM that'll get you ongoing on the way to your first recruits

1. Free classifieds - All the same not as great as they once were, if your MLM code is free to join you will get some takers. The trick is to keep redistribution often and keep your ad up there.

2. Ezine Ads - These are cost efficient and very beleaguered so you don't waste your publicity dollars. Use classified ads if you have a small financial statement and don't place any ads in ezines you haven't read.

3. Your Optin List - Even if you have a small optin list, this is a great font for your first MLM affiliates. If you don't have one start one right away.

4. PPCs - The Pay Per Click Explore Engines is a good way to get leads but arrange to spend alittle. It's very chief to beat up your ads as many colonize use the same ones.

5. Exit Pop - You can use an exit pop up to promote your MLM, just place it on any pages receiving passage right now.

6. Articles - Characters an clause makes good exploration engine food plus, you can accept it to ezines for even more free exposure.

7. Free Ebook - Every now and then all it takes is one good free ebook to augment your travel like crazy. You can comprise your MLM sign up link and let it fly.

8. Forum Sig/E-mail sig - Make up a small 5 line ad and put it at the bed of your posts and mails. You'd be amazed at how this one thing adds up.

9. Join Travel Exchanges - Free interchange exchanges like travel swarm let you place your ad free into their arrangement so you can get alot of visitors daily under attack by catagory.

10. Trade Ads with an MLM Ezine Publisher - If you own an ezine you can ad swap with him, just make sure the subscribe page has an ad for your new program.

Use these steps to start you off on your new venture and teach them to your recruits. You'll soon have a florishing downline you can be proud of.

2004 by John Stafford

John Stafford is the owner of: Examine Your Home Affair - Acerbic edge ideas, income and strategies for your home based affair online

http://www. researchyourhomebusiness. com


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